SUPERIOT is a Horizon Europe project which aims to develop a truly sustainable and highly flexible internet of things (IoT) system based on the dual-mode use of optical and radio communications, combined with the exploitation of printed electronics technology.

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See Why dual-mode communications?

The dual-mode approach offers a highly flexible and adaptable communication system that can operate efficiently under changing conditions and in different scenarios. Energy autonomous nodes can harvest energy from both sources and positioning accuracy can be improved by combining optical and radio signals.

This video from SUPERIOT Coordinator Prof. Marcos Katz, filmed as part of the 6G Talk Series by the 6G Flagship, gives some background to the project, and a summary of the objectives.

The project will develop IoT networks based on nodes with essential functionalities such as sensing, actuating, and computational capabilities. Maximal use of printed electronics will result in a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly solution. Several demonstrators will be developed based on various real-life applications.

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