SUPERIOT has a set of challenging objectives which aim to bring the overall vision closer to reality: an IoT system that is sustainable by design and sustainable by implementation.

Energy-autonomous nodes

Experimental energy autonomous light-based IoT nodes and their optical access points allowing rapid and simple deployment with low maintenance cost.

Reconfigurable networks

Networks with adaptability which allows the IoT system to work in scenarios with different requirements or react to changing operating conditions.

Use of printed electronics

Maximise the use of printed electronics technology, including the development of printed components and substrates particularly designed for this project.

Dual-mode energy harvesting

Adaptable solutions will collect light when available in order to autonomously power the node; when there is no illumination radio frequency will provide energy.

Dual-mode positioning

Node positioning accuracy and reliability will be improved by combining optical and radio signals. Project target is to improve from the current level of sub-metre to sub-decimetre accuracy.


Several demonstrations are planned to show the capabilities of the technology, on real-world applications from smart labels to medical ICT. More information on these demos will be provided soon!