SUPERIOT students win place in WPTCE 2024 competition

Two SUPERIOT student researchers, Yasser Qaragoez (Team Leader) and Khodr Hammoud, are part of a KU Leuven team which has been selected as a first-stage award candidate at the 2024 WPT Student Competition, which will be held during the IEEE Wireless Power Technology Conference and Expo (WPTCE) from May 8–11, 2024, in Kyoto, Japan. Their proposed sensor network utilises a combination of radio frequency (RF) and solar energy, which are wirelessly energised by drones and LED lamps, thus contributing to a sustainable future for sensor systems.

Well done and good luck in Kyoto!

Student Team Members:
Yasser Qaragoez (Ph.D. Year 4, Team Leader), Khodr Hammoud (Ph.D. Year 3), Jimmy Fernandez Landivar (Ph.D. Year 2), Nikola Antonijević (Ph.D. Year 1).

Dr. Franco Minucci (ESAT-WAVECORE, KU Leuven) Dr. Vladimir Volskiy (ESAT-WAVECORE, KU Leuven)
Prof. Dominique Schreurs (ESAT-WAVECORE, KU Leuven).

SUPERIOT at Fourth Visions for Future Communications Summit

Next week, SUPERIOT partner INESC TEC will participate in the Fourth Visions for Future Communications Summit focused on Research Beyond 6G (07-08 Nov-2023; Lisbon, Portugal).

Luís Pessoa and Rui Campos have prepared a presentation entitled “Synergy of Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC) with Network Digital Twins for Beyond-6G Research” which will be presented by Rui Campos (one of the coordinators of the Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia, INESC TEC).

In this talk, SUPERIOT will be introduced as an example of some ongoing INESC TEC projects that are catalysers of beyond-6G research.

Abstract: “In the rapidly evolving landscape of telecommunications, the transition from 5G to 6G marks a pivotal moment in shaping the future of connectivity. However, we must already look beyond this horizon, preparing for the challenges and opportunities that await in the post-6G era. Our talk will focus on our vision regarding the advancements of Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC) and of Network Digital Twins in Beyond-6G. Furthermore, we will also outline a visionary research concept that aims to integrate ISAC with Network Digital Twins, driving innovation and sustainability in the forthcoming generations of wireless communication networks.”

SUPERIOT researchers on the road

In recent weeks, SUPERIOT researchers have been presenting their work on the project across several continents.

At Imperial College in London, Kerstin Eder (University of Bristol) presented at the NANDA Workshop 2023 (Novel Architecture and Novel Design Automation) on Energy Transparency – More Power to Software Developers! (11-12 Sep-2023).
A few days later in Cáceres, Spain, Luis Pessoa (INESC TEC) presented at the XXXVIII Spanish URSI Symposium 2023 on topics which included SUPERIOT and several other relevant EU projects (13-15 Sep-2023).
In Warsaw (18-21 Sep-2023) Joana Vaz Pinto (NOVA) gave a presentation to the E-MRS Fall Meeting on Micro and Nano structured Parylene C layers for energy based devices.
Then on 22-Sep-2023, Julio Rufo (Lightbee) gave a presentation on SUPERIOT to the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi (UASLP) in Mexico.
Finally, at the Brazilian Materials Research Society (B-MRS) Meeting 2023 (01-05 Oct-2023), Emanuel Carlos and João Coelho (both from NOVA) organised Symposia U on Sustainable Production of Nanomaterials and Ink Formulations for Affordable, Efficient, and Reusable Printed Electronics. This included a paper by these SUPERIOT researchers on Sustainable Devices: From Ink Formulation to Their Printability.

Thanks to all these SUPERIOT researchers for their travels! Please check out the website for upcoming events, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

SUPERIOT partner VTT paper on a new electronics sustainability benchmarking tool

SUPERIOT partner VTT has had a new paper published Development of a Qualitative Tool for Sustainability Assessment and Application of the Tool to Benchmark Electronic Smart Labels | SpringerLink

This topic is very closely aligned with those under study in SUPERIOT and this work provides a valuable platform for further development.

Correspondence to Liisa Hakola.

Wavecom at EMAF 2023

EMAF (19th International Fair of Machines, Equipment and Industrial Services) is the largest Portuguese event in the industrial sector and has strong overlap with SUPERIOT in its focus on the internationalization of technologies, industry innovation and specialized technical knowledge.

SUPERIOT partner Wavecom will have a booth at the exhibition with IoT solutions for the sector, with special emphasis on sensing and monitoring solutions, real-time location + traceability and security.

Please pay them a visit at Stand G504, at the exit of Pavilion 5 (next to the corridor for Pavilion 6) and discover how Wavecom can help in the digital transformation of the manufacturing process, from the supply chain to the factory floor, with fully connected and flexible systems. Researchers from SUPERIOT will also be available to answer any questions on the project.