SUPERIOT at Fourth Visions for Future Communications Summit

Next week, SUPERIOT partner INESC TEC will participate in the Fourth Visions for Future Communications Summit focused on Research Beyond 6G (07-08 Nov-2023; Lisbon, Portugal).

Luís Pessoa and Rui Campos have prepared a presentation entitled “Synergy of Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC) with Network Digital Twins for Beyond-6G Research” which will be presented by Rui Campos (one of the coordinators of the Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia, INESC TEC).

In this talk, SUPERIOT will be introduced as an example of some ongoing INESC TEC projects that are catalysers of beyond-6G research.

Abstract: “In the rapidly evolving landscape of telecommunications, the transition from 5G to 6G marks a pivotal moment in shaping the future of connectivity. However, we must already look beyond this horizon, preparing for the challenges and opportunities that await in the post-6G era. Our talk will focus on our vision regarding the advancements of Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC) and of Network Digital Twins in Beyond-6G. Furthermore, we will also outline a visionary research concept that aims to integrate ISAC with Network Digital Twins, driving innovation and sustainability in the forthcoming generations of wireless communication networks.”

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